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AI chatbot assistant from Switzerland: The only one with a lifetime unlock option!

Using the official OpenAI API with GPT-4o and DALL-E 3. For iPhone, iPad and Mac.

No registration needed, just start typing.
No waiting, priority access without queues, for all your devices*.
From an independent developer. No logs, no data collection.

App features:

  • Automatically generate images according to your preferences.
  • Write essays using a given prompt or topic.
  • Generate creative stories, poems, or dialogue.
  • Provide explanations and insights on various topics.
  • Support language learning by providing translations, definitions, and practice conversations.
  • Help draft emails, letters, or other written communications.
  • Get recommendations for books, movies, music, and more based on user preferences.

Starting from only 4.00 CHF/$/€! Download on App Store

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Help & FAQ

The app doesn't work. I always get an error message.

Please check if you have the latest version of the app installed and update it if necessary. Be aware of the fair use policy, as excessive requests may trigger a temporary restriction until the end of the current week.

Why does GPT-4 say that it's using GPT-3?

The chatbot has no self-awareness. When you ask it about the GPT model it uses or the cutoff date of its knowledge, it may provide incorrect answers. This is because its responses are generated by predicting words. Unlike other AI services that filter these answers, we provide you with direct and unfiltered access to the OpenAI API, and nothing else.