SwizzAI: AI from Switzerland

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AI chatbot assistant from Switzerland: The only one with a lifetime unlock option!

Using the official OpenAI API with GPT-4o and DALL-E 3. For iPhone, iPad and Mac.

No registration needed, just start typing.
No waiting, priority access without queues, for all your devices*.
From an independent developer. No logs, no data collection.

App features:

  • Automatically generate images according to your preferences.
  • Write essays using a given prompt or topic.
  • Generate creative stories, poems, or dialogue.
  • Provide explanations and insights on various topics.
  • Support language learning by providing translations, definitions, and practice conversations.
  • Help draft emails, letters, or other written communications.
  • Get recommendations for books, movies, music, and more based on user preferences.

Starting from only 4.00 CHF/$/€! 5 requests free! Download on App Store

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